Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Table for Two - Joy of Jumbled Junk- Tutorial

Recycling or Upcycling as we call it, is finding reuses for old items, which is good for the environment and saves money but it also satisfy human creativity most.

Well this is miniature too, but not true to any scale but I guess close to 1/10 scale.

It all started with leftover spoons from my daughter's birthday party and old rusty soap pump holder,which I discovered in my junk box.

I would like to the share procedure to make this cute little table, it’s a quick and easy project I made this set with whatever junk i had and finished within 2 hours :)

Material Required

1. Plastic Spoons
2. Screws or toothpicks if you want
3. Lid Cover or a piece of cardboard
4. Base - i used soap pump holder, you can use thread spool or small tin or candle holder or anything you can imagine as table base, even toothpicks glued to the lid cover
5. Piece of Fabric for upholstery(Optional) I used a piece of old fuzzy Shawl
6. Aluminum wire (Optional)
7. Color of your choice
8. Candle
9. Glue of any kind, I prefer hot glue gun for quick fixes


1. Light a candle and place or spoon over it and bend it in L shape, as soon as it starts to melt,then quickly place spoon in container of water, so it will stop melting instantly, please be very careful. If you are working with kids please skip melting and bending part, you can break or cut spoon around its neck and glue both parts in L shape position.

2. Glue four Screws to the Spoon to make its legs.

3. Add wire details, as desired.

4. Color it or stain it in wood finish, let it dry completely.

5. Hot glue a piece fabric to upholster seat cover and your chair is ready.

6. For table, paint the base in your choice of color, let it dry completely.

7. Glue a piece of fabric or paint the Lid Cover.

8. Glue base to the lid cover let it dry.

9. Display along with dollhouse miniature and enjoy.

That’s all for now Friends :)

Have a creative Day,



  1. Hey.......lovely the theme!

    n adore the miniature furniture!!!!!

    soooooooooo cute :)

  2. you are toooo good. innovative,god bless

  3. hi sahana,

    thank u so much for the tutorials.amazing.

  4. Very original. I would never have thought they were spoons. looks great.

  5. Very clever!Thank you for sharing and bringing your hodgepodge to my party. I love seeing what you are up to. Hope to see you again.

  6. Very clever and original. It's darling! This reminded me of the doll furniture made from tin cans. I have one my Great Grandma made into a pin cushion and I display it in my living room.

    Great idea!

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  7. That is truly amazing--love it! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Very creative! It's adorable!
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  9. What a cuuuuute idea- they turned out great!

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  10. Very cute! So fun for a dollhouse. Thanks for sharing at Fun to Craft's Spring has Sprung Party.

  11. This is adorable. I am going to show this to my sister- she loves making stuff like this.

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