Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How To Make Polymer Clay Mosaic Tiles And Repurpose Empty Morton Salt Can - Tutorial

Remember this cutie from your pantry. I absolutely love these cans. They are so well made and can last forever.

I love to recycle and April 22nd is an Earth Day, so in honor of Earth day, I decided to make a multipurpose container from an empty Morton salt can.

All you need is
Empty Morton salt can

Polymer Clay ( I used Original Sculpey in White, as it is way cheaper and since i am going to make thick sheets for mosaic tiles so they are not going to break easily but for other projects i like to use Sculpey Premo)

 Rubber Stamps

Black Spray Paint

Dimensional Paint

Aleene’s Tacky Glue

Exacto Knife or Utility Blade

 Silver Rub n Bluff.

SO here we go

1. Remove the label from the can and with Exacto knife remove the top part of can.

2. Roll out your polymer clay, I use pasta machine but rolling pin or acrylic rod works fine too

3. lay down your clay on flat work surface and stamp it with rubber stamp,
(TIP: - if you think your clay is sticky, sprinkle some cornstarch)

4. Cut the desired shape with cookie cutter or Exacto Knife

5. Bake it in oven, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

6. Once tiles are cooled, Spray paint and set it aside until dry.

7. Apply Rub n Bluff to see the magic, this is most fun part. This will highlight the stamping. (You can also use acrylic paints, artist’s pastel mica powder, alcohol inks etc possibilities are endless.)

I used Distress Ink on these tiles :) I love this effect

8. Glue tiles to the can with super glue.

9. Fill in the gaps with dimensional paint.

10. Varnish and you are done :) its really easy.

Decorate and display :)

I made similar can with polymer clay and Morton Salt can, sometime back, I use this one as pen holder, and here I tried basket weave technique with wood blend Polymer clay cane.

Another view

Hope you all will like this project and try your hands at polymer clay mosaic tile making, Do let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Hello from FF! I never thought to use polymer clay before...I will have to give it a try. Love the faux wood pencil cup...great!

  2. Wow! Your clay container looks great! Thank you for the sweet comment you left at The Craft Cave. You have a wonderful blog too! I am your newest follower!

  3. That is such a cool idea - Using your rubber stamps to create a texture/image in polymer clay. I never would have thought to do that. The salt container is beautiful! Thanks for linking up!

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  7. I found you through SYS. I love your results! I had an idea to make something like this for Father's Day, except I would write words on each "brick."

  8. Hi Shahana, I found your blog today and felt sad I hadn't discovered it earlier! I love your works involving polymer clay and other creations as well! I had one question, though- which brand's polymer clay do you buy and where do you buy it from? I stay in India and never came across branded polymer clay. Thanks for sharing this one..I sure do want to try this!

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  14. LOVE how you made and painted your own tiles! So pretty! You should link this to Mad Skills Monday at SuperStinkyBoys as well! Thanks for linking at the SSB Earthy party!


  15. This is seriously amazing! I never would have thought of this... thanks for sharing!


  16. Very cool. I'm putting polymer clay mosaics on my ever-growing to-craft list! Thanks for linking this up to Craftastic Monday:)

  17. WOW! I am so glad you shared this @ Anything Related! This is amazing! I have a new found love for clay and I've got to give this technique a try!

  18. Wow. That is amazing. I would have never guessed it was clay! Thanks for sharing at 'Look at me, I'm SO Crafty!' at Fun to Craft.

  19. I never would have guessed this vase's humble beginnings. Thanks for linking up!

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  22. That is really cool! :)


  23. Just found your blog today and I have to say you are very talented!

  24. It turned out great! Awesome job! :)

  25. Great idea and so creative! I love the one you made with the basket weave - gorgeous! Thanks again for stopping by and joining the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful week. Hope to see you again next Sunday! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  26. Wowzers - this is so, so cool! Terrific job!

  27. my older daughter and I love making polymer clay stuff and this looks like fun! we will definitely do this.

  28. i like u r objects very much..i have never seen these ideas before but i have a little problem ..why does my polymer clay objects crack...i have to do lot of things to dry them slowly...i use oil, wait cloth and paper to cover them..but it does not work that much i need..because of this problem i can not roll out polymer clay, and can not give any texture...

  29. @Megha
    Which brand you are using as polymer clay never cracks and it need to be cured in oven,may be u r using some air dry clay as it tends to crack while drying.If u want to use air dry clay,try cold porcelain,it do not crack much and can take impressions

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  31. Great job do it up.thanks for sharing....

  32. Great.. love're my old teacher shahana, remember u taught us glass and sand painting at the NSS camp. keep tutoring...!!!
    I'd love to learn how u made that dragonfly spider flower wall thing thats part of your facebook album!!!

  33. Tyzack Trowel

    That is such a awesome concept - Using your papers to make a texture/image in plastic clay-based. I never would have believed to do that. The sodium package is beautiful! Thanks for connecting up!

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