Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mosaic Butterfly Mobile/Chime - Tutorial

As I mentioned in my previous mosaic tutorial, that I had this awesome opportunity to participate in Totally Tutorial Exchange Program in collaboration with Artful Mosaic Supplies. Do visit Dana’ beautiful shop and try this beautiful craft by yourself, I am sure you will fall in love with this beautiful craft.

For my second project I decided to make a Mosaic Butterfly Mobile,as i wanted to use this butterfly mobile sitting in my craft cabinet for ages. I added inspirational words on leaves of the mobile,to remind myself values of life.
Here I will use third coaster from my kit, (In case you missed my first mosaic project, please click here)

Supplies you need

• Mosaic Coaster kit from Artful Mosaic Supplies

• Butterfly Mobile (on hand, available at dollar tree)

FlatBack Pearls

• Distress Ink (Vintage photo)

• Newspaper or book sheets

• Flat White Spray Paint and Primer

• Twine

• Polymer Clay Embellishments (click here to make your own)

• Craft Adhesives like Epoxy, Mod Podge and Weldbond Glue

• Sponge Brush

• Latex Gloves for grouting

• 'O' Hooks also known as Eye Hooks


Lets start with Mosaic Coaster

• Seal coaster ON BOTH SIDES with decoupage glue.

• Mark coaster on corners ( I marked 1” on one corner and 2” on opposite corner)\

• Screw Eye Hooks on both corners.

• Lay your tiles out on the coasters before attaching them with adhesive.Take picture for reference.
 Once you come up with design for your mosaic, glue individual tile, one at time using heavy duty craft adhesive (I used Weldbond glue).Make sure there is no more space than 1/4" among your tiles. Otherwise grout can develop cracks.Repeat this step on other side of coaster.

•  glue flat back pearls on the sides of coaster.

• Once all pieces are attached to coasters, set it aside and Allow glue to cure for several days before grouting.

• Mix grout according to package instructions( I mixed grout powder with water until it reached the consistency of peanut butter) avoid excess water.

• Apply grout using the craft sticks or rubber Spatula. Spread grout evenly over the mosaics tiles and with the help of foam piece work the grout under the edges of tiles. Wear gloves to push grout into crevice. Make sure you protect your work surface and clothes as grouting can be little messy.Repeat this step on other side of coaster.

• Wipe off any excess grout with damp sponge or rag, being careful not to wipe away the grout in the crevices. Let the coaster dry overnight.Repeat this step on the other side of coaster.

• Apply sealant with brush over the grout. Wipe off any excess, and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours.Repeat this step on the other side of coaster.

• Clean and polish on both sides of your coasters.



• Spray white paint on the both sides of butterfly, allow paint to dry completely.

• Distress newspaper or any other page with distressing ink

• Decoupage paper over butterfly as well as leaves. (detach existing strings)

• With Exacto blade, carve out extra paper to bring out the butterfly design.Distress edges again.

• Attach all parts of  the mobile with twine and trim off excess twine.

• Add clay or vinyl lettering on the both sides of mobile leaves(I have tons of clay so I use it everywhere but vinyl would look really good too)

• Attach polymer clay embellishments on the both sides of mosaic coaster with epoxy.

• Taadaa you are done. Hang it in any place, you fancy

I enjoy making mixed media projects,so really had good time making this mosaic mobile and i am sure this mobile will look great in my patio.

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  8. Very cute! I love the tile and the butterfly. I know this probably isn't a new idea, but the tile would make a great coaster, too! Heh. Have a great weekend!

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  10. Thanks everyone

    yeah Meg i know coasters are great but they were already coasters so i wanted to repurpose them into something different.


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